North Bay Spartans Basketball Club



Article 1. Name

The Club shall be known as the “North Bay Spartans”.


Article 2. Purpose and Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:

  1. To foster, promote and develop the sorts of basketball for young athletes seeking to play the game at a competitive level.
  2. To affiliate with the “Ontario Basketball Association”, abide by its Constitution and remain a member in good standing.
  3. To maintain and promote the highest degree of sportsmanship and respect with the goal of moulding our youth to be better citizens through faire play and teamwork.
  4. The Club will be carried on without any monetary gain to any member and any funds accrued to the Club shall be used in promoting its objectives.
  5. To improve the caliber of the game of basketball and to raise its profile in the North Bay area.
  6. To provide a competitive basketball experience for both boys and girls and to ensure that each player experiences meaningful coaching, practice and playing time.


Article 3. Board of Directors

The Club shall be run by a Board of Directors comprised of a:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Director of Player Development
  6. Directors at Large


Article 4.

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be convened from time to time by the President.


Article 5.

The Board of Directors shall make decisions on the basis of consensus.


Article 6.

Any conflict between a parent and a coach shall be brought before the Board of Directors to be resolved.


Article 7.

  1. Any fundraising on behalf of any Club team shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. The Board of Directors shall approve all purchases and payments on behalf of the Club.
  3. A bank account shall be kept in good standing at a Bank determined by the Board of Directors.
  4. Any two (2) of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer shall have signing authority for all manner of banking business.
  5. The Treasurer shall present a statement of the year’s expenditures and revenues and bank balance to the Board of Directors at the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year shall be from September 1 to August 31.


Article 8.

  1. All coaches shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. All coaches shall abide by the spirit of this Constitution and any Code of Conduct approved by the Board of Directors.