3x3 Program Near Capacity

We are so pleased to see so many returning athletes and new athletes registered for our fall 3×3 program!

The 2005-06 (grade 7 &8) group is now sold out but you may register online and be placed on a wait list.

There are only a few spots left in the 2007-08 age group (grade 5 &6) so register as soon as possible to get your spot.

There are still several spots remaining in the 2009-10 age group (grad 3 &4) that runs on Sunday mornings from 10 t0 11:30 am.  No experience is necessary and it is open to boys and girls!  It is a great introduction to basketball for many kids and may lead to years of competing for the Spartans!

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    Hi, my son Connor is 9 years old, born on February 6th 2009. His mother and I spoke about putting him in basketball and we all were wondering can anybody play or is there a certain amount of positions available? My son is getting anxious that there will be too many people trying out and not enough positions for players on the teams. My impression is that its the first come first serve meaning that who ever pays the registration fee first gets a spot on the team. Thank you, Corey Allen Farrow

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      Hi Corey,
      I am just seeing this comment on our website now. Apologies for not responding in August. In the future, please use the Contact Us form if you have a question about the Spartans programs as it will send an email to us (spartansbasketballnorthbay@gmail.com ) that will get our attention and we can provide you with a response. These comments on our website are mostly filled with automatic spam from unknown sources so the notifications go into our junk email.

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